SHARE Groups

Serving Him Advancing Relationships for Eternity




At Singing Hills we believe in the value of doing life together.  That is why we have SHARE Groups.  SHARE Groups provide a place to meet weekly with a small group of believers to build a heart-to-heart relationship sharing their lives together around God's teaching. It provides an atmosphere of honesty, openness and accountability to really grow and become responsible disciples.  A SHARE Group helps us explore scripture, pray, connect, worship and serve with people you know and trust. We need to experience life together.

There are times in life we need the support and care of others.  SHARE Groups are the avenue for meeting these needs of care and support at Singing Hills. SHARE Groups are more than just weekly meetings; they are community.  As we continue to learn and apply the truth of the Bible to our lives, we remind each other of God’s amazing grace.

In short, we help each other experience the spiritual growth God wants to bring about in our lives.


What Happens At Share Group?

  • You get connected to a family of believers. Time is taken to get to know each other. Friendships are formed.
  • You search the Scriptures.  You get to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.
  • You discuss the sermon from Sunday.  Everyone gets to share insights.  We get to ask how it applies to our everyday lives.
  • You pray for each other.  There is a genuine, heartfelt, and interest in each other's needs.
  • You learn to put the “one another” passages into action.  (“Love one another, encourage one another, pray………”)


The Goal!

The goal is to help everyone become part of the family.  We want you to connect.  We want you to blossom and grow in your walk with Christ.  We have learned that we do it best when we journey together.  God bless you as you find your place.


How To Get Involved

It is our goal to see everyone involved in a SHARE Group.  There are ways to get involved. If interested, please contact one of our SHARE Group leaders.  These leaders have all their information posted on the bulletin board at Singing Hills. Or, when filling out a yellow card on Sunday mornings, note that you would like to join a group and we will contact you, or you can contact the number below.

For more information, or to join a SHARE Group, contact Bob Guthrie at